Taxi Outdoor Ltd. The taxi advertising and promotion company


The Company

Taxi Outdoor was established in 1994, and covers taxi advertising nation-wide. We are a niche company dedicated to quality presentation, high level of service and cost effectiveness.

The medium

The London taxis provide an eye-catching and vibrant way of making a brand well known, and recognisable to the many millions of people who work, socialise and travel in and around the British cities on a regular basis. A short burst TV, Press or Poster campaign has a momentary impact; but a twelve or twenty-four month customised taxi campaign, operating an average of 14 hours daily, 6 days a week per taxi, sustains a much longer and more lasting effect. If you combine these considerations to the highly competitive costs of a taxi campaign, the appeal of such a strategy is compelling.

We aim to be:

"The first choice in the market for competitive taxi advertising from a specialist professional company which is dedicated to its clients"

We seek to achieve this by:

  • Maintaining close relationship with all our clients and the taxi trade.
  • Striving to achieve high standards.
  • Motivating and enabling staff to give their best.
  • Being a long term player in the market.
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